OPI Purple with a Purpose (4)

Purple, take 76

Good morning everyone!

Do you read my blog long enough to know how I feel towards purple? Do you also wonder why I keep on trying purple? Well, I do. Sometimes I just don’t get myself :)

Aaaaanyhow, this is OPI Purple with a Purpose. I received this as a present, so no way I wasn’t at least trying it. I used 3 coats because I applied the second layer and decided that it was a good time to …. wash my hands / powder my nose / “fix my face” / read a magazine / …. which is not a good idea if you’re wearing not dry nail polish. Well, at least our bathroom now has a tiny spot of purple on the tiles. Hence the third coat. I had no problems with application, the only thing that annoyed me is that if you look closely, you’ll see brushstrokes. I don’t think brushstrokes belong to this polish – a metallic one, okay, I can deal with it, but this is “just” a purple shimmer.
Luckily for the polish, it has amazing red and blue sparks if you look at it under artificial light. So, despite my purple fear, I kept it!above: daylight, below: artificial light

Are you as excited as I am for christmas?? I’m still deciding on what polish to wear – have you already picked??


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