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frankentime! Seas of the world Collection

Hi everyone! Today I want to show you the last of the 3 collection up for grabs this coming Giveaway. The Holidays Collection can be seen here, and the Cocktail Collection you’ll find here.

First up is Atlantis. Not per se a sea, I still think this is a fitting name for this polish, and it also fits the collection. I used 3 thin coats for this polish – you’ll need to fish around a little to get all the large glitters and glitter stars on your brush. This medium blue polish has an amazing pink flash, which hides normally, but comes out in artificial light!above: daylight, below: artificial light

Next is Bering Sea, a dirty alga green, with a prominent golden flash and sparsely scattered holo particles, inspired by sunrays reflected on the surface of the sea. 2 coats. above: artificial light, below: daylight

This beauty is called Carribean Sea. Its a dark blue jelly, that you can easily layer over any kind of silver, gold, light blue, white, whatever colour to achieve different effects. It is also packed with stringy glitter and other shapes of glitter, because the Carribean = fun! Here it is shown alone, 2 coats.above: artificial light, below: daylight

Next up is a polish called Mariana Trench. Just like Atlantis, the Mariana Trench isn’t a sea, but it is in a sea (let’s not dispute the existance of Atlantis, ok?!). The Mariana Trench is super deep and therefore also pitch black – but not everywhere. I imagine that where the light hits, you can see the funniest animals living in the Mariana Trench – so there is my polish, dark grey with a hint of teal, packed with small glitter that shimmers red to orange, depending on the light. Like all the small fish in the Mariana Trench! 3 thin coats.above: artificial light, below: daylight

Another sea: The North Sea. I remember the North Sea to be dusty sea foam green, seldomly still, and never deep blue, always too busy for that. Well, there you have my north sea polish: a dusty sea foam green, with the tiniest hint of a holo effect. 2 coats.above: artificial light, below: daylight

And the funniest one from this collection, if anyone asks me, is Yellow Sea.It’s not a polish to laugh at – not this way funny, but yellow always makes me smile. It’s such a happy cheerful colour! I used 2 coats, but now that I see those pictures, I could’ve used a third. above: artificial light, below: daylight



So, what do you think about the Seas of the World Collection? Do you franken yourself?

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