Illamasqua polishes now available in Vienna!

This is a post for my Austrian readers – or for all of those of you, who intend to go polish shopping in Vienna!

Recently, I walked by a store which looked like it only sold gloves, but my eager eye detected a nail polish rack in there – an lo and behold! it was an Illamasqua rack.

Can you believe that Illamasqua made its way to Vienna? The polishes (and only the polishes, no make-up) are being sold at NINA PETER HAUTNAH, Kärntner Durchgang 10 (a side street from Kärntnerstrasse), in the 1st district.

They retail for very reasonable 15€ (that’s less than OPI in Vienna!), base and topcoat are for 12€ each. I’m so happy that Illamasqua is being sold here! I can finally just walk into a shop and buy one. And the gloves they sell are great too –  unfortunately a little out of my price range….

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