Cult Nails unicorn puke alone (2)

30 days of untrieds – Day 30! Cult Nails Unicorn Puke

My last post of the 30-days-of-untrieds challenge! Can you believe how time flies? Thanks to the challenge, November passed by quickly, and from tomorrow onwards I can start counting down to Christmas! Yay!
As a “goodbye” gift for you all, I decided to keep my Cult Nails Unicorn Puke until the end of the challenge, so the challenge will end with one of the most fun polishes ever.

I own bottle no 148 of 275; my friend and fellow nail polish freak B. had ordered me one when I didn’t even knew I wanted it. I’m really happy to have it now though, as it is a really unique polish. You can order Unicorn Puke under the new name Clairvoyant at Cult Nails, but it is temporarily sold out. It will be back in stock soon, so don’t worry!

Anyways, onto the polish! Again, this is a polish from Cult Nails, called Unicorn Puke. There are only 275 bottles called “Unicorn Puke”, but the polish now being sold is the same, only it’s called “Clairvoyant”. The polish itself is a flakie polish in a sheer blueish-purpleish base. The flakies are green, red, blue, and just awesome.

I used OPI Grape…Set…Match as “underwear” for Unicorn Puke. One coat of the Puke was sufficient:

Above: daylight. Below: flash

I also tried Unicorn Puke on its own:

I used 4 coats here. Flakies photograph so much better in daylight than in artificial light, so I decided to only show you the daylight pictures.
I’m a huge fan of mattified flakies – also you can see them much better in the pictures if they’re mattified – so I added one picture of mattified flakies as well.

Do you like Unicorn Puke / Clairvoyant? What do you think of multicolored flakies?

Congrats to all the bloggers who made it through the 30 days! And congrats also to all the others who gave their best – blogging can be a real challenge sometimes! :)

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