Barielle Buddha-ful (7)

30 days of untrieds: Day 25 – Barielle Buddha-Ful

Today I’d like to show you a polish I was very much looking forward to, and which totally didn’t work for me. I’m talking about Barielle “Buddha-ful”.

Apart from the fact that I dislike the name, Buddha-ful is a green flakie polish in a milky base. I needed 4 coats to achieve this:

Believe me when I tell you that the picture shows the best of the polish. Here is a full frontal shot:

Whatever I did, I couldn’t get it to be opaque. The idea of layering a sheer milky flakie polish over a, say, white, didn’t appeal to me either. So I did what I always do when layering doesn’t work out too good: I put it over black. Let’s take a look at how that didn’t work:

Buddha-ful won’t distribute evenly, so it looks like I have patches of milky polish over the (otherwise beautiful) comination of black polish and green flakies. I’m absolutel not fond of that.

Have you tried combinations in which Buddha-ful looks better? I’m willing to try!

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