franken watermelon punch (6)

frankentime! Cocktail Collection

You all know what the picture above means, right? There is another collection of frankens packed and ready to go to the winner of my soon to be announced 311-facebook-fans-Giveaway!

Shall we take a look at the polishes? I find this collection exciting because there are 5 polishes and 1 top coat to go with all of them. The top coat is called “On the Rocks” and I’m showing you one picture of the Cocktail Polish alone and then one “on the rocks”. Fun, no?

Appletini, 2 coats. Green with a golden shimmer.

Raspberry Daiquiri. Berry Jelly with a lot of holo glitter (as used in the Kleancolor Holos).

Swimming Pool, two coats. A pale blue creme polish with some subtle white/iridiscent glitter.

Tequile Sunrise. Pink polish with yellow & orange flakies. 2 coats.

Watermelon Punch. A very bright red (sorry for the bad picture!) with subtle shimmer. 2 coats.


What do you think about my cocktail collection? Do you like the idea of the “on the rocks” topcoat?



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