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triangle manicure

Now that the Blogger Challenge PINK is over, we can go back to normal :) I’m done with pink for the next days, that’s for sure! It was great fun, especially meeting all the participating ladies, and I hope you all enjoyed it too.

I’ve committed to another challenge though, one that I’m happy to participate in: the 30 days of untrieds! I’ll start tomorrow, but for today I have something else for you: Essie Smooth Sailing. What comes to mind when one hears “smooth sailing”? An ocean spread out in front of you, no wind to stir up waves, just a light breeze to cool off? Well, I had that association when I read “smooth sailing”, and I have to give Essie credit here – they made a polish which looks like the feeling I get when I think about smooth sailing.

Smooth sailing is a mid blue colour, with a hint of lavender in it, and a pearly-silver shimmer finish. I like this shade of blue a lot! Shown here are 3 coats.

 I guess you all have seen Smooth Sailing on its own, so I decided to play around with it and add a little twist. I didn’t just want to layer over it, because I like the base colour of Smooth Sailing, so I decided to go for a tape experiment. Having failed at tape manicures many times, especially the ones where I tried to give myself a French manicure, I decided to try triangles. A half-moon manicure would be way above my skills, but two straight stripes of tape couldn’t be too difficult (or, so I thought)? Well, what you see here is the work of a couple of hours. I liked this manicure so much, that I decided to practise, so I hope I’ll be able to show you more of that in the future.

Base colour: Essie Smooth Sailing; triangles: Zoya Charla.I was so excited that I managed to produce some nail art, that I made pictures everywhere!

 What do you think about my nail art skills? Do you like this manicure?

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