day 7 tape manicure (4)

Blogger Challenge PINK: Day 7 – The Final Challenge

Nail Polish Blogger Challenge

If you aren’t yet following my facebook page, here’s the link – there are picture albums of my swatches and I heard a little bird sing that there’ll be a giveaway soon!

Today, for the final day of the challenge, I wanted to really, really, really challenge myself. Those of you who have been following my blog for a longer time will know that I’m at war with tape manicures. They never really work for me, maybe because I’m too impatient, or maybe because I just don’t do it right. As this is a challenge, I decided that my last post has to be one with a tape manicure, to prove to all of you that I really was challenging myself!
Well, enough with all the talk, here is 2 coats of “my” pink, OPI Do you think I’m Tex-y?, with some scotch tape design over it. The black I used is Illamasqua Scorn, because it’s a one-coater and it dries quick (because it’s matte).

You can see that my index finger worked out really ok, while I had some struggles at the middle and ring finger… And since I’m a very precise person, I had to do something about that, because I kept on being annoyed with myself that it didn’t work out like Chloe’s tape manicures! So I added one coat or OPI Rent. I like that much better!

artificial lightdaylight

And then my head went crazy and I wanted to see how it would look like if I put crackle polish over it, so I grabbed my Pure Ice Crackle in Hot Couture, and here is what that looked like:

I think that looks rather wild. I wanted to show you the result, but this is not a submission to the challenge, as you can’t really see “my” pink anymore, and that was one of the rules! I should have left it be anyhow, because OPI Rent over the Scotch tape manicure looked quite nice.

What do you think about tape manicures? Did you enjoy the 7 day PINK Challenge? I’d love to hear your thoughts on the challenge, as I do feel up for another one in the future (with a different colour though – I never thought I’d say that about a Pink, but I’m happy to wear something else tomorrow!!).

Last day, and all the ladies are giving their best!

Ulmiel from Did someone say nail polish? uses Finger Paints Give Pink A Chance
Sarah from Lucky Lacquers uses W7 Shocking Pink
Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails uses Color Club Peppermint Twist
Sidrah from beauteous blog uses sally hansen pink blink
Inge from Polish Sis uses Hema nr 84
Maestra from parokeets uses essie knockout pink
Gejba from  parokeets uses essence Love This City
Leslie from Polish Art Addiction uses China Glaze Laced Up


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