Blogger Challenge PINK: Day 5 – Beginner’s Luck

Nail Polish Blogger Challenge

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Good morning and welcome to a new day of the PINK challenge! You all know how much I love pink, so wearing pink for a week hasn’t been as hard on me as it may have been on other challenge participants – but we’re all happy that we picked pink for this month is breast cancer awareness month!

I love the look of water marbled nails, but I tried once before, and it was a mess. I didn’t have problems regarding the polish sticking to my nails, my greatest problem was to pick polishes that won’t just drip into the water and sink to the bottom. I found it immensely difficult to get the polish to make rings so I could attempt some kind of design. Frustrated, I gave up and decided, we were not made for each other.

Dry water marbling hasn’t worked for me either. I’m to impatient to wait for the design to dry on the plastic and cut it out! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, leave me a comment, and I’m willing to make a “How to NOT do it” tutorial. I’m very, very successful in failing all kinds of nail art.

This nail art however, let’s call it “needle marbling” for a lack of a better name, is as easy as it can get. Here is what I did  – just have a look at the pictures and decide for yourself if it worked for me or not!

with flash

I painted my nails white, and waited for that to dry completely. Then I chose 2 additional polishes to my OPI Do you think I’m Tex-y? – I wanted something funky, so I chose Illamasqua Collide and ANNY Yellow Cab Flash. I then painted 3 lines on my nail, one of each colour; make sure you use excessive amounts of polish, otherwise you’ll just end up with 3 stripes on your nails. You’ll have to work rather quickly, otherwise the polishes won’t marble nicely! Take a needle, and start your design. I just went from left to right and back again through the polishes, but when I’m doing this again, I’m going to try hearts and other designs! Do one nail after the other, and once you’re done with all, apply some quick drying topcoat. It is a good idea to not apply the topcoat immediately, because it might smear your design.

So, before I bore you with my “instructions”, here are my first needle marble designs!

Daylightartificial lightdaylight

here are close-ups of my nails. The pictures didn’t turn out all perfectly and sharp, but I wanted to give you an idea….

Right now I’m busy designing the nails on my other hand, I wonder how that turns out, since I’m right-handed…! Wish me luck, and be sure to comment with your experiences on marbling!!

Have you already seen what the other participants are up to?

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Gejba from  parokeets uses essence Love This City
Leslie from Polish Art Addiction uses China Glaze Laced Up

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