OPI Do you think I'm Tex-y (5)

Blogger Challenge PINK: Day 1 – Introduction

Today I have something exciting for you, dear readers! Me and 9 girls from all over the world have decided to start a blogger challenge! The challenge is to pick a pink nail polish and wear it in 6 different ways (on the first day we show you the polish by itself). There is one major “rule”: the pink has to be visible – meaning, you can’t just layer a black nail polish over it!

So, I’d like to show you which nail polish I chose: OPI Do you think I’m Tex-y?, one of the jelly nail polishes of this years’ Texas collection. The colour of this polish is (depending on coats and light) somewhere between bright pink and deep fuchsia. I couldn’t for the life of it find a way of photographing it so it would look the same in every picture!
I chose Do you think I’m Tex-y? because I love the jelly finish of this polish. It basically looks as if you painted your nails with super glossy lipgloss! There is a ‘downside’ to this polish though, as you won’t be able to build it up in such a way that there is no more VNL. I don’t mind it regarding Do you think I’m Tex-y?, because it is such a vibrant colour, and let me say it again, I love the finish!

For these pictures I used 3 coats.

 I made those pictures under artificial light. It is incredible how red the polish looks here!

See how the nail polish looks bright pink in indirekt day light? I hope you’re happy with my choice of pink, because I sure am, and I have found some great combinations to wear this in different ways!

And these are the other girls and the nail polishes they chose!

Deniz from Emerald Sparkled uses Flor Mar #29
Leslie from Polish Art Addiction uses China Glaze Laced Up
Inge from Polish Sis uses Hema nr 84
Rebecca from Rebecca Likes Nails uses Color Club Peppermint Twist
Ulmiel from Did someone say nail polish? uses Finger Paints Give Pink A Chance
Gejba from  parokeets uses essence Love This City
Sidrah from beauteous blog uses sally hansen pink blink
Sarah from Lucky Lacquers uses W7 Shocking Pink
Maestra from parokeets uses – we don’t know yet!

Be sure to check in tomorrow!

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