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great new stuff coming up!

sooo, dear readers, I have a couple of exciting new things to show you! I’m busy swatching my OPI collection, so there’ll be those coming up, and also those great new polishes I got from my polish buddy Sam from Brazil! Look how cute she wrapped every single nail polish!

That’s all of them. There are flakies, duochromes, holos, neons, cremes, glitters, oh, too much to name them all! Are you as excited as I am?Will you be more excited that some of those will be used for Giveaways? My random-311-facebook-followers Giveaway will consist of 3 different sets of polishes though; looke at the first collection of frankens already wrapped and ready to be used once I hit 311!

Anyhow, while frankening, swatching, posting and having a life outside the internet, I also finished my swatchicles. Swatchicles are swatching nails on a stick – it’s the easiest way to store swatches! Funnily enough, Austrian Children apparently don’t play with the same kind of skinny sticks (they are usually used for building houses, containers, pen holders,…), so my friend Marcy sent me the American version of skinny sticks, because the Austrian ones don’t fit the nails! Long story short, here are my swatchicles!

I’ll use those for comparison reasons in the future, and I hope they were worth the work!

Let me know, which Brazilian nail polish do you want to see first? Or should I show you the frankens I made?

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