GOSH purple heart (5)

Purple heart touched my… nails!

Duochrome – that word alone is enough for shrieks of excitement among polish lovers. There are many duochromes or even multichromes out there, last famously seen in Chanel’s Peridot (which I looooove!). This particular one, GOSH Purple Heart, is also very high ranking in my list of duochromes. It isn’t as subtle as OPI Not like the movies or Catrice Iron Mermaid, which is something I like a lot about this polish. Now, I think it is called Purple Heart because it isn’t – like most purple/green duochromes – purple with a hint of green, but green with a hint of purple. But have a look yourself! 

artificial light – Purple Heart looks like a dirty darker purple.

I applied 2 coats. The polish dries without streaks, and above that rather quick. I had no problems with application; I don’t like it that the cap is so large and round though, because that makes the brush-handling part of the application a little uncomfortable. This minor detail can be forgotten by the fact, that this polish is in GOSH’s regular assortment!

Purple heart in the shade – I obviously couldn’t limit myself when it comes to pictures. I love the olive green – purple combination. What do you think about it?

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