Sopi slushied_OPI AA (17)

Alice got slushied

Sephora by OPI Slushied is one of the 6 mini polishes that came out as part of the Glee Collection. I loved every single one to bits, especially Go With The Flow-Er and Celibacy Club. Slushied is one of the last ones I tried, especially because I don’t have so many things to wear with this bright, happy blue! Colourwise it comes close to one of those super unhealthy drinks that come in huge cups; it is also pretty much the same colour as a bright summer sky. While I know that it isn’t a colour I’ll wear on a regular basis, I enjoyed wearing it for the day. To spice the whole manicure up a bit, I decided to wear OPI Absolutely Alice as an accent nail. Don’t stone me, but I still couldn’t decide if I love Absolutely Alice or not. It is very very glittery.

SOPI Slushied: 3 coats (because I applied the first coat so badly, I needed 3 – if I had done the whole manicure again, I’d only have needed 2 coats though)

AbsolutelyAlice: 2 coats, and 2 coats of SV. Couldn’t have done it without SV. Much too much glitter to be smooth!

 artificial light

What do you say about Absolutely Alice? Do you like Slushied? Did you get any Glee Collection polishes?

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6 thoughts on “Alice got slushied

  1. wow, they go great together!! Another group of polishes that look really awesome together (IMHO) are the Milani 3D holos layered over the coordinating Milani neons. The pink, purple and blue are like wow. You should try it!

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