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Guest post: Carly shares her Summer Top 5 polishes!

Carly from Lacquered Lover agreed to share her top 5 nail polishes for this summer, and thanks to her, I had to add quite some to my wishlist… So, if you’re not in the mood for polish shopping DO NOT read this post, I repeat do not… ah. Where’s my credit card?

Hello fellow lacquered lovers!  I’m so excited to be doing this guest post!  Big thanks to Caroline for letting me do it!  Today, I’m giving you my 5 favorite polishes for summer 2011!

First up is ManGlaze Fuck Off and Dye.  Now, I am NOT a pink person and generally don’t like pinks so to be honest, I bought this polish for the name because it cracked me up!  However once I tried it, I was in love!  It’s a gorgeous bright pink matte with a bit of shimmer that’s just perfect for summer days!  It’s even pretty with a top coat but I prefer the matte original!

Next up is Butter London Dosh.  This was the second Butter London polish I tried and the first one I really loved!  It’s a beautiful light olive toned green packed with gold shimmer!  The shimmer in gold really makes this look multidimensional and I just think it’s stunning.  Totally worth the $14 price tag since I don’t have any dupes in my collection!

Obviously a post about summer polish needs to include some holographic polishes!  Here I have my favorite Nfu-Oh polish, 65 which is a gorgeous light blue with some major linear holographic effect to it!  On the ring finger is an accent nail of Nfu-Oh 61 which is a silver holo but the blue is really the standout of the Nfu-Oh holos for me!  I love the rainbow effect and how pretty the blue is on its own!  I’ve done a LOT of manicures with my Nfu-Oh 65 this summer because I love staring at it in the sun!

This next one isn’t really a nail polish but it’s a nail sticker!  I fell in love with Sally Hansen Salon Effects this summer because I am not a nail at person and this let me have really fun nails without all the effort!  Misbehaved was by far my favorite.  I wore it on a beach weekend with my girlfriends and it was just perfect!  The light champagne sparkly base was great for both day and night and the fishnet pattern made it just a bit more fun!  Plus they were super easy to apply (once I figured it out) and I just love these!

Last but certainly not least is my new favorite polish.  It’s not exactly a summer shade although I’ve worn it 3 times in the last 3 weeks I’ve had it.  Chanel Graphite is absolutely stunning.  It’s a polish for any season.  The dark charcoal base, the gold glitter, the silver shimmer, this polish matches everything and looks amazing!  Sure, it’s $25 and that’s pretty steep, but when you want to treat yourself to something really special, THIS is the polish to get!

Thanks again Caroline for letting me do this guest post and I hope you all enjoyed!

Thanks Carly! I’ll send you my credit card bill later :)

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