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We shouldn’t judge a bottle by its appearance

You all know I’m a fan of pink polishes. Even though I love me a good pink, I sometimes feel the need to wear something else than pink :) So I was very happy to reveive Nicole Make mine Lime, a beautiful light green with glassflecks from a blogsale (How could I have been surprised? Well, for one, sending from the US takes long enough to forget what one ordered, and secondly, I basically bought everything there was on the blogsale. Seriously!). I must say, I’m cautious with greens because it is not one of my favourite colours, but I really liked this. Also, it is really difficult for me to get my hands on Nicole by OPI polishes, as they don’t retail here in Austria (surprise, surprise. I can see that you want to ask, what DOES retail there? ;) ). While I liked the formula of the polish (it is very well pigmented, on the pics I show 2 coats) I don’t like the bottle at all! It is very difficult to hold, horrible to store because it takes up a lot of unnecessary space and I think pretty ugly.

Nicole by OPI gibt’s ja bei uns wieder nicht, aber ich habe ein paar Fläschchen bei einem Blogsale erworben :) aber warum grün? Ich bin doch pink-Liebhaberin? Naja, zum einen habe ich bei diesem Blogsale einfach alles genommen. Zum andern brauche selbst ich mal Abwechslung von pink (bitte nicht vorhalten in der Zukunft ;) ). Auch wenn ich im Allgemeinen kein besonderer Fan von Grün bin, dieses gefällt mir doch! Der Lack ist gut pigmentiert und glitzert – Glitzer geht bei mir immer. Leider finde ich die Flasche scheußlich und wirklich unpraktisch – sie verbraucht mehr Platz als nötig und gut halten kann man sie auch nicht.

Pics were taken in direct sunlight to show the sparkle! / Bilder sind bei Sonnenlicht entstanden, um den Glitzer besser hervorzuheben!

Have you tried Nicole by OPI? Do you like their colours? I know the Justin Bieber Collection were all over the blogs, but do you like their regular polishes?

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One thought on “We shouldn’t judge a bottle by its appearance

  1. I live in the US and these polishes are super easy to find. I’ve bought a couple and I wasn’t overly thrilled but they weren’t bad either. Just seemed like they were more sheer or frosted than I imagined. I’m not ready to give up on them yet. I’d be more than happy to send you some if there are any in particular you’d like. They cost a little over $7 usd. :-)

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