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Illamasqua Nail Mail

You should have seen me jump yesterday when I came home and my Illamasqua order had arrived! So without further ado: my new Illamasqua polishes (and one eyeshadow-loose pigment-glitter-wonderworld!) Caress (baby blue), Collide (neon pink), Rare (neon yellow) and Scorn (matte black). I hope they will be good friends with Jan (dusty rosé). (This is picture heavy! Beware!)

Ihr hättet mich nicht wiedererkannt, wie ich gestern nach Hause gekommen bin und mein Illamasqua Paket gefunden habe. Ich habe ausgesehen, wie ein kindisch herumschreiender Osterhase, auf und ab hüpfend :) Deshalb, ohne langes Federlesen, die Präsentation meiner neuen Lacke Caress (baby blau), Collide (neon pink), Rare (neon gelb) und Scorn (matt schwarz). Auf das sie gute Freunde werden mit Jan (rosa/grau)! (Vorsicht: es folgen tausende Fotos!)

This is the packaging – reminds me of a mystic easter packaging, all black…

My new friends Scorn, Rara, Caress and Collide (from left to right).

Nails on the folder on Illamasquas History, their whole collection, Intro on the Toxic Collection (which is new), and all you need to know!

The colours are all very accurate (see, iPhone nail polish pics work, I told you!), only Rare is more neon in real life. I think I’m gonna try to wear it matte, what do you say about neon yellow matte? Think it could work?

And last but not least my new awesomely glittery pigmented eyeshadow “Alluvium” /  zu guter Letzt noch mein neuer durch und durch pigmentierter Lidschatten “Alluvium”!

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